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Chip Shield At-Home Card Reader

Chip Shield is a unique product that can help banks reduce e-commerce credit card fraud and eliminate false payment declines at the same time.

With the deployment of chip cards for use in retail stores, fraud is shifting online and growing rapidly, costing consumers hundreds per year in higher fees and prices.

To address this threat, we’ve developed an inexpensive, personal chip card reader that banks can give to their customers to protect them when they shop and bank online.

Chip Shield targets the most common sources of online card theft, including desktop viruses and merchant breaches, without requiring changes to merchant sites.

Banks can also eliminate frustrating false declines for their customers by processing Chip Shield payments using the same rules as in-store transactions.



Chip Shield Payment Manager

Take payment security and simplicity to the next level by installing the Payment Manager browser extension for Chrome.

The extension transfers encrypted payment information from your reader into any merchant site.

Payment forms are auto-filled and masked to protect from common desktop viruses.

Never type in your card number again!

Adaptive Security for Online Payments

When used during online check-out, Chip Shield automatically selects the strongest form of security available based on your bank, the merchant site and merchant’s payment gateway.

Single-Use CVV Code

If your bank supports single-use CVV codes, we will automatically contact the bank’s servers to request a new CVV before submitting the payment.

Learn More about Single-Use CVV

Direct to Gateway Encryption

If the merchant’s payment gateway supports direct to gateway encryption, we will request a temporary card # from the gateway to use at the merchant site.

Learn More about Direct to Gateway Encryption

Relax. We got this.

The next time you hear about a big data breach or computer virus, you can relax.


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