Branded Devices for Banks

At Chip Shield, we’re using the security chip already in your customer’s wallet to help reduce CNP fraud and eliminate false declines at the same time.

Our solution streamlines online checkout without requiring any changes to merchant sites.

The Chip Shield card reader, in conjunction with Single-Use CVV codes, allows you to protect your customers from card theft and process online transactions using “card present” fraud rules.

Offering branded Chip Shield readers to your customers is a great way to increase customer loyalty and make sure your card is the “top of wallet” for online purchases.

Customer Focused Solution

Many solutions that reduce online fraud are focused on protecting merchants and create additional barriers for legitimate customers, causing false declines and lost sales.

At Chip Shield, we’ve taken a customer focused approach to fraud with the goal of protecting individuals from merchants with poor security controls and computers that can be infected with viruses.

We’ve also focused on accelerating the online check-out experience by eliminating manual data entry and reducing checkout to a few seconds without compromising security.

Flexible Marketing Opportunities

We can provide a variety of options for your bank or credit union to promote branded versions of Chip Shield Readers to your customers.

Whether you’re interested in subsidizing the cost of the devices, or simply interested in co-marketing opportunities to promote online best practices, we can devise a joint marketing plan that fits your budget.

Marketing campaigns will typically target security conscious customers, high net worth customers and business customers who have the most to gain from the solution.

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