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Chip Shield Card Reader

The chip card in your wallet is an amazing little device. Not only does it store information about your credit card account, but it contains personalized encryption keys that can’t be copied or stolen.

The Chip Shield Card Reader fits in the palm of your hand and lets you tap into the same security at home that’s being rolled out to reduce credit card fraud in-stores.

Simply plug the Reader into your desktop computer or mobile device, insert any credit or debit card and enjoy enhanced security and a streamlined shopping experience.

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Chip Shield Web Assistant

The Chip Shield Web Assistant is a browser extension that allows your Chip Shield Reader to interact directly with any online merchant and accelerate checkout down to a few seconds.

The Web Assistant eliminates manual data entry and injects payment and shipping information directly into the merchant site to help protect you from computer viruses.

If your card supports Virtual Account Numbers, the Assistant can generate a merchant specific card number that will protect you in the event of a data breach.

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Chip Shield Password Manager

The Chip Shield Password Manager is part of the Web Assistant and provides a simple and secure way to manage all of your online accounts.

The Password Manager can learn your existing account passwords, or create unique passwords for each site so that a breach at one site does not impact your other accounts.

Your passwords are protected with your chip card’s security key and can only be accessed when your card is inserted into the Chip Shield Reader.

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