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Online Shopping Direct to Gateway Encryption

Online Payment Gateways can now protect their merchants and end customers by adding support for Chip Shield’s direct to gateway encryption.

Chip Shield can establish an end-to-end encrypted channel from the card reader to the payment gateway before the customer submits a payment to a merchant using the gateway.

Instead of passing live credit card information through the merchant website, a card mapping token that looks like a valid card # is submitted.

The payment gateway uses this mapping token to look up the actual payment information that was sent over the direct to gateway encrypted channel.

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Online Shopping Extended Client-Side Encryption

Several payment gateways and merchants already support client-side encryption from within the web browser.

Typically, the user types in their credit card number and it is encrypted in the browser before being passed to the payment gateway for decryption.

Chip Shield can extend the use of client-side encryption to encrypt the payment information inside of the card reader before it reaches the customer’s PC.

In many cases, Chip Shield extended client-side encryption is automatically enabled in merchant sites that already have support for the feature.

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